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Posted by anonymous
August 24, 2017
One AMAZING professional.

Kathryn is amazing. She handled my bankruptcy in the most professional manner imaginable. She is knowledgeable, detailed, and did an excellent job of leading me through what was a completely foreign and stressful process. She was excellent at explaining the complexities of my case and each possible outcome. Kathryn is very responsive to timelines, she made herself available on evening and weekends to make various deadlines, and to answer all my questions. She clearly does care about her clients and their cases. I would recommend Kathryn to anyone needing help.

Posted by Kasey
April 3, 2017

Kathryn is amazing. After a 30 minute consultation I hung up the phone feeling completely assured. Kathryn was precise, detailed and very helpful. Above all: she is fair and knowledgeable. You do not get sales tactics, you get someone who wants to genuinely help; even if a Bankruptcy is not your best option she will guide you to someone who will ward off collection agencies. I actually enjoyed talking with Kathryn, considering such a stressful and sensitive subject. Would not go anywhere else, completely recommend.

Posted by Bob
March 1, 2017

I was set to do a Chapter 7. Did about 20 hrs of prep and then looked for an atty to do the filing. Found Kathryn on google and called for an appointment. After about an hour on the phone it was determined I didn’t need Chapter 7. She saved me a bundle at no charge. I’m sending her something soon as a thanks. An honest lawyer. Go see her.

Posted by Rob
January 7, 2016

Kathryn performed a exceptionally professional service for me from start to finish and even was prompt with questions I had long after discharge. I can’t recommend her highly enough. Her value far exceeds her minimal fees.

Posted by anonymous
October 30, 2015
Great Lawyer and Person

From our first meeting Kathryn was both professional and kind. She let me know of all that I would need to do for my case, what she would do, and what to expect. She kept me constantly informed, even contacting me on the weekend. I had no surprizes as she told me what the various possibilities could be, and what actions we could take from there. All went very smoothly and was less stressful due to her knowledge, assistance, and compassion. I highly recommend Kathryn to everyone.

Posted by Wendy
April 18, 2015
The Bankruptcy Attorney you want to have

Kathryn Tokarska cares, is fully knowledgeable, and takes a difficult situation and makes it flow smoothly. I would recommend her services to anyone. You can’t go wrong in choosing her to review your options, and to handle your case if this is the route you choose. She was also there when asked questions long after settlement.

Posted by Michael
March 23, 2015
Extremely helpful and reliable.

Kathryn was there for me throughout my entire process. She was available whenever I needed and her reassurance and dependability exceeded all expectations. I strongly recommend her services and am extremely satisfied with my experience with her.

Posted by Joseph
January 13, 2015
Excellent representation!

Thank you Kathryn for your excellent service. Our case was not easy one and required much preparation. From start to finish we very comfortable with all process. Kathryn prepared it , organized it and complete it with same highest level of customer service , attention to detail. Thank you again. We would definitely recommend Kathryn Tokarska to anyone.

Posted by Art
January 8, 2015
From Bankruptcy to Home Owner in 4 years

Kathryn helped this painful process go very smoothly. The services she provided were excellent. I filed in late 2010 and recently completed the purchase of a new home. There is hope for a better life for each person who files and you start with getting to know Kathryn.

Posted by Dave
January 29, 2014

I am so grateful to have Ms. Tokarska represented me to file bankruptcy chapter 7 and concluded my case very smoothly. She is definitely great experience with an excellent presentation from the beginning filed my case until it’s completely finished without a bit of trouble or fear. I was so lucky to have her helped on my case. I will be happy to recommend her to all my friends. Thank you Ms. Tokarska!

Posted by Pearl
July 3, 2013
Handling chapter 7

I was very nervous about the Bankruptcy process. Firstly, Kathryn had a fair price, and quickly put me at ease. She continued to be ethical and communicated promptly and thoroughly. I would highly recommend her. She is very knowledgeable, and the process moved smoothly and swiftly to completion.

Posted by David
April 22, 2013
No surprises, much easier than I thought

I would like to recommend Kathryn Tokarska for anyone’s bankruptcy. I contacted her after an injury and chronic pain that left me unable to work for three years. She was recommended to me by a friend who had a good experience with her. Katherine was very sympathetic to my situation and made things easy for me. Everything went just as she said it would. There really were no surprises, which was great for a nervous person like myself. (Since the bankruptcy, my body has even started to heal faster; maybe I have less to worry about now.) She clearly knows her job. She is also very likeable.

Posted by Meredith
February 21, 2013
Best Decision to work with Kathryn!!

After admitting I was drowning in medical bills, I finally considered filing bankruptcy and starting over. When I started to research a bankruptcy attorney, I googled “top rated personal bankruptcy attorney san diego” & Kathryn’s name came up. After reading other client reviews, I decided to give her a call and I’m so happy I did. She is extremely personable, easy to talk to and knows her stuff! I was very impressed with the fact that I dealt directly with Kathryn throughout the entire process, no paralegals or partners involved. She is extremely thorough and made sure my case was 100% prepared down to the smallest detail, making the court appearance fast and flawless. She kept me informed through all stages of the case, and always returned my e-mails or phone calls quickly. Kathryn managed to make. what I thought would be the most stressful thing I had to deal with, a smooth, positive experience. So happy I found her!

Posted by Mike
October 8, 2012
A bankruptcy attorney that really cares

When I consulted with Attorney Kathryn Tokarska, she fully explained all the options so that I understood them and as a result, I was able to make an informed decision. After I decided to go ahead with my bankruptcy, she provided all the forms I needed, and included a thorough explanation and answered all my questions — by email, a huge convenience to me. I could not have asked for more. Before my hearing she expertly coached me so I knew what to expect and it went very smoothly. My process was completed in the minimal amount of time and I’m very happy that I found and hired Kathryn as my attorney. I would highly recommend Kathryn Tokarska for any personal Chapter 7 bankruptcy, as she really is one of the best in San Diego and it really shows that she cares about her clients. One of the things I liked the most about Kathryn is that she processes all the client meetings and paperwork herself, unlike some other firms that have legal assistants. That gave me confidence that it was being done right and it paid off in my case.

Posted by Amy
September 18, 2012
Helped with clearing up foreclosure laws

Kathryn was a god send to me. I had gotten a scam notice in the mail stating my mortgage was in foreclosures and had a sale date. They used my mortgage company’s header and it looked legit to me. After I explained what happened, her wonderful lawyer radar perked up. She had us call my mortgage company, found out that it was still in good standing. She was able to help me over the phone and gave me some very good tips with out charging me any fees. I had already talked to other lawyers and they were requiring a fee to talk about my case. If Kathryn is this great on helping me, I am sure she is spectacular on her paid clients.

Posted by anonymous
September 6, 2012
Recently Discharged of Debt From a Chapter 7 Filing!

I was very apprehensive about seeking help from an attorney, as my previous bad luck with one is what got me into my debt situation in the first place. However, Kathryn Tokarska’s knowledge, professionalism, and warm personality reassured and made me feel right at ease, from the beginning through the end of the entire process. She was always approachable, dedicated and reliable, going above and beyond to help make the whole bankruptcy process as pain-free as possible. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking a trustworthy and effective bankruptcy attorney.

Posted by Scott
May 4, 2012
Top Shelf Service yet Affordable…even for my case!

We had been trying to file for a few years. I met with at least 8 different bankruptcy attorneys over those years, most of them referred to me by friends or associates. Kathryn is in a whole different league than all of them. She tells me that my case was a new record for her as far as the total amount of debt discharged – most of that from personal guarantees on a failed business. All of the other attorneys I spoke with used this as a reason to charge more money for my case, which I could not afford. That is why I was never able to file. I even had to pay fees to the first one I talked to, just to talk to him on that initial consultation, non refundable. Kathryn’s fees were about half of what others charged but her service was far and above the best. She did not charge for the upfront consultation. She is the only one that answered her phone on the first call. And within just a few hours of that first call, after I emailed her some of my paperwork, she had answers. Yes we qualified for Chp 7 but we needed to file asap. She quoted her fee and the process, and what she needed from me all on that first day. Within a week our case was filed. and 90 days later it was discharged, just like she said it would be. When I did have to leave messages or sent emails, she always got back to me within 1 day, usually the same day, sometimes even on weekends. She actually made proactive calls to me for things she needed or to fill me in on what was happening, which is opposite of all the other attorneys where I always felt like I was chasing them down and begging them to work on my case. She really knows her stuff, and does a great job explaining things, and because of that, and her speed and responsiveness, we are now back on track financially.

Posted by Ken
April 12, 2012
Took away the fear and uncertainty of bankruptcy

Kathryn Tokarska changed my perception of attorneys and bankruptcy in general. I always associated bankruptcy with negative connotations. And the last thing I wanted to do was deal with a lawyer. She was able to allay my fears and put aside my anxiety that I held with filing bankruptcy. The option is there for a reason. Many people need to start over or get a fresh start. She helped me see this and guided me through every step of the process clearly and concisely. I was also fortunate to have such a compassionate attorney to represent me. It ended up to be a very pleasant and painless experience! It was one of the few good things to happen to me in the last few years. If you’re worried about your credit rating being stained by a BK, for most people it doesnt matter as if you reading this, chances are your credit is already destroyed and your debt will continue to accumulate for many sleepless nights. Do yourself a favor and discuss this matter with a good attorney such as Kathryn Tokarska.

Posted by Eunice Mejia
February 27, 2012
Made a difficult ordeal seem a piece of cake.

I hired a lawyer to help me with a problem (Debt) I had and find the best way to handle it according to my needs, and that is exactly what I got. I had to make some hard decisions so be prepared to make some yourself. I was surprised to find out how many variations are possible on a claim so I am glad I hired her to file for Bankruptcy. Best decision I’ve made so far that has improved my way of living.

Posted by Robert & Felipa
February 26, 2012
Extremely caring and competent!

I spent months searching for a competent attorney and I must say that we made the right decision. Kathryn’s ability to empathise put us at ease, no easy task when going through a serious financial crisis. She took the time to explain each step in the process, which unfolded exactly in that manner. Kathryn handled every detail of our case in a prompt, professional manner and we could not be happier with the outcome. During this period my wife and I felt secure knowing that Kathryn represented us and was doing everything humanly possible to ensure a positive outcome, with our best interests at heart. Her expertise in the law, together with her caring manner, made all the difference. We will always be grateful for her compassion and sincere kindness in our time of need.

Posted by William
February 12, 2012
Knowledge Lawyer that will go the extra mile for you.

Kathryn definitely went the extra mile with my case. Willing to meet based on my schedule. She kept me update to date on the progress, prepared me throughly for all the necessary steps, and was professional and knowledgeable about all my questions. I would highly recommend her to anyone in need of a bankruptcy attorney.

Posted by anonymous
December 6, 2010
Very luck to find her

Facing multiple lawsuits and feeling desparate, I had trouble even getting returned phone calls from the legal referrals I had. Luckily I found an ad for Ms. Tokarska and wound up with highly skilled and very responsive representation. I had huge debts and thought my case was complicated. She assured me it was not, and from filing to discharge there was not so much as a hiccup. (She did NOT promise no hiccups — no one can — and in fact had me thoroughly prepared.) Not only did she know what she was doing, she appeared to be quite respected by the trustee I had. She’s also very responsive to questions by email, which really really helps with the stresses of a bankruptcy. My case, in fact, could not have gone better. If you’re reading this, you are, in fact, in a place where no one wants to be. All I can say is do not be afraid of bankruptcy–we all spend too long in debt hell. And I don’t think you can find better representation.

Posted by Oscar
November 1, 2010
Exceeded my expectations

I didn’t know what to expect when I began searching for bankruptcy attorneys but after contacting Kathryn I felt comfortable right from the beginning. She’s a very knowlegeable and experienced attorney. She guided me from the first email we exchaged and then answered all my questions and concerns when we met in person. She explained every step of the way and what to expect during the process. I recently got my discharge letter and can’t wait to start rebuilding my credit. I would highly recommend the Tokarska Law Center and best of all, the fees are as reasonable as you’ll find! Thank you Kathryn – OE

Posted by Carl
July 11, 2010
Superb Service

Kathryn Tokarska, Attorney, is one in a million. I’ve actually refrained from telling “Lawyer Jokes” since I engaged Kathryn to represent me in a Chapter 7 filing. Not only was she extremely thorough, but pleasant and caring at the same time. During our brief appearance in front of the trustee, she exhibited professionalism and attention to detail that made several of the other attorneys present appear incompetent by comparison. While her rates are extremely competitive, the level of service I received was considerably above and beyond anything I expected. Could I recommend Kathryn? A resounding YES! Carl

Posted by Rich
June 7, 2010
The best decision I could have made

I highly recommend Tokarska Law Center. Kathryn was exactly the person I was hoping to find when I was looking for an attorney for my bankruptcy case. She really wants to help. Through the whole process, she kept me informed, was always quick to return my emails and respond to my questions or concerns. Kathryn went well beyond what I expected and the reasonable fee for her services was worth every penny and more. -Rich

Posted by anonymous
March 17, 2010
A fresh Start

I would like to share my experience I had with my personal bankruptcy. I was experiencing a heavy barrage of harassing phone calls and letters. I didn’t know what to do. I also had fears of being labeled as a failure in society. I finally got up the nerve to call an attorney. I called many different attorneys through many different avenues. I received a few responses; but when Kathryn responded she was different and to the point and was adamant to help me when I didn’t want to help myself. She continually explained all the way through the process. While being extremely reasonable with her scheduling and fees. I can say today that my life has turned around all for the better and I owe it all to Kathryn’s patience and understanding of the bankruptcy laws. Considering the severity of my situation; the process was smooth and extremely quick. It was over and done with before I realized. I would strongly recommend her services and consultations – it’s never too late to get a fresh start. I can’t thank her enough but, I will try. Sincerely, S. Thompson

Posted by Patrick
March 16, 2010

When we got to court, it was ovious I had made the correct choice in attorney’s. While in court, I saw several attorney’s embarass themselves as well as thier clients by being unprepared. That was not the case as far as my case was concerned. It will not take long before you realize that Kathryn Tokarska is a professional who devoted to her clients and profession.

Posted by Keith
March 12, 2010
BK Attorney

After speaking with Kathryn it was clear that she was extremely knowledgable in several areas of Law. I use Kathryn to file BK and she was wonderful, caring, and knew her stuff. The fee was very affordable and I would and did recomend her to my friends and family members.

Posted by Philip
February 13, 2010
highly recommended

I hired Kathryn Tokarska as my bankruptcy lawyer, and it was one of the best decisionis I could have made. She helped me through the entire process from start to finish in a highly professional and courteous manner. I found her to be extremely knowledgeable and supportive through what I thought was going to be a very stressful experience. But she made it very easy and non-stressful for me with her confidence and most of all her kindness. I would recommend Kathryn Tokarska very highly.

Posted by uspolishbo55
December 17, 2009
Changed mortgage foreclosing to the Home Affordable

Kathryn was extreme help for me. My condo was just 27 days before the mortgage company schedule to foreclose and thanks to Kathryn I got the President Obama “Home Affordable” program. Additionally to that good news I also do not have to file any bankruptcy chapter and she did not charge me a penny! I’m so glad that I stoped at her office after seeing another two attorneys. You may ask – why I went to Kathryn office if I had seen another two attorneys. To be honest, each one of them give me a different suggestion what I should do. No any one of them gave me information on “how to” or an option to have the “Home Affordable” program but both counted right away how much $ I have to pay them for filling papers in court. My experience with Kathrin was all different and this is why I gave a chance to take her advice. Please stop by her office to give her a try and see on your own if she is not the honest person (between all other bankruptcy attorneys).

Posted by anonymous
November 2, 2009
Great Personal Attention

My wife and I retained Kathryn Tokarska to help us with our bankruptcy in early 2009. Not only was she very professional she was sensitive to our embarrassment and needs. She explained the process in language that we could understand and helped clarify which records we had to produce for the court. One of the most important things she did for us was return calls or emails quickly when we had questions. She communicated with us at least once a week and more often if requested. Because of all of this personal attention as well as professionalism we recommend Kathryn without reservation.

Posted by Gabriel
October 31, 2009
Professional and Caring

When this new amazing chance for me to start a new future came across, only one thing stood in the way and that was my financial past. Those heavy chains I was dragging became 100 times heavier, I had to seek help. I called Kathryn on a saturday just to get some info and it turned to be the best move I’ve ever made.I won’t write a novel about this so i’ll be concise. She was patient and understanding but most of all, Kathryn really cared. Even after the discharge has finalized she still keeps in touch and I love that. I was not just a number to her and for me, that seems like an extremely difficult thing to find.